Arsenal fan makes a STAND: This guy is spot on!

Great piece by an Arsenal fan who has had enough of the moaners!

To the ‘fan’ in Club Level North who chants “F*ck Wenger” and “We Want Mourinho”
..well you know what I say?


Whether or not Arsene’s transfer dealings and player selections are the root of our troubles this season, that is well out of order. People like you are obviously short-termists. You are blinded to two things: the past and the future.

The past: when Wenger took charge, we were barely scraping into the UEFA Cup and were no more than knockout specialists. Since then: four FA Cups, two European finals, two Doubles, and one glorious Invincible season. But his biggest legacy on the field is not silverware. Indeed, it is the intangible factor: he has transformed Arsenal from a “boring”, uninspiring unit to one of the most exciting teams in the world (regardless of the four recent nil-nil draws). From being a club where top talent worldwide would barely sniff at, we are now one of the most attractive prospects around. Why else would Andrey Arshavin – the sixth best played in the world – want to join us?

The future: we have one of the youngest, most talented squads in world football, plying their trade at the most stunning of stadia. A few tweaks to personnel and a bit more natural experience will see us be there or thereabouts for the next decade (at the very least). The revolution has also ensured that we play “good” football from the first-team all the way down to youth level. Don’t believe me? Have a look at how we pissed on Spurs in the youth cup. It is no coincidence, I tell thee. (

Click here to read more of this great response to this odious fan in the Club Level North

Boy i hate people with short memories and people who simply do not seem to understand the game as a whole and clearly this guy had enough and wanted to respond to the needless and frankly mindboggling abuse of Mr Wenger by attacking him on his site and you know what, he is spot on!

What do other Gunners fans think of this guy? Are they also aware of his inane chanting?

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