Surely even Arsenal fans won’t agree with this!

We here at COS Towers saw this on the Spoiler and found it most amusing!

Stan Collymore has started a one man mission to convince the world that Nicklas Bendtner is going to become a top quality striker.

Anyone who tuned in to talkSPORT on Saturday evening will have heard the former Liverpool striker condemn the nasty Arsenal fans for a barracking that never actually took place. Indeed The Spoiler’s booing expert watched the game in eager anticipation of some top quality jeering and was left disappointed as the majority of supporters instead got behind the Dane after every miss, chanting “Super Nicklas Bendtner”.

The controversial pundit wasn’t prepared to end his campaign there though and today named the striker “Hero of the Weekend” in his Daily Mirror column, as well as launching another attack on Gunners fans for their treatment of him and general poor support.

Our booing correspondent thought that Bendtner was one of Arsenal’s best players in the first-half on Saturday but no matter how effective some of his build-up play was, nobody who misses numerous gilt-edged chances can rationally be labelled the player of the weekend. (The Spoiler)

To read The Spoiler’s hilarious response to Stan Collymore CLICK HERE!

Now i am against the pointless booing of an individual error here and there and i also admit that Bendtner has got better these past two months. But Stan got it horribly wrong. I heard no booing of Nicklas, certainly not in that game, and to name him the hero of the weekend just belies belief. In fact if Mr. Collymore bothered to notice the fans at the Emirates are actually giving the likes of Eboue and Bendtner a great deal of applause and support and this has in turn appeared to improve both players performances on the pitch. In many ways the abuse that both player have recieved in the past has in many ways acted as a wake up call to them and was never as bad as the media portrayed it to be in the first place.

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