Top TEN HATED Premier League Players: Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Manchester City, Manchester United, West Ham, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea fans take a look!

These guys are clearly used to the odd swear word from the terraces!

Gary Neville (Man United)

For some reason this accomplished full back rubs a great many people up the wrong way. Liverpool fans of course have more reason than most to dislike the England international for his antics some years back following a late winner. He also does tend to moan and complain to the officials at any given opportunity but has won enough in the game to not be too hurt by any abuse he may get.

Ashley Cole (Chelsea)

Probably the most hated of all Premier League footballers at this point in time. Again attitude problems and a need to deflect blame elsewhere make this left back an object of abuse. Of course this all dates back to the disgusting way he sought to leave Arsenal after he was unhappy with their wage offer and then his inability to hold his hands up and accept when he was in the wrong, deciding instead to try to blame others. Last season’s appalling behaviour towards Mike Riley when the ref had the audacity to book the Chelsea man for a challenge he should have been sent off for. (

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So what do you think of this list? Fair or incorrect? Can you name others who should have been there or indeed defend those who made it into the top ten.