Arsenal fans you’ll ENJOY this!

Good piece about how well run the north London club are.

The credit crunch was a long time coming, a somewhat predictable result of an era of wasteful and needless spending (add to that the immoral and illegal acts of some unscrupulous money men of course) and in this the new age of the spendthrift there can be no better manager or indeed top flight club for this crisis than that of Arsenal.

When all and sundry were spending obscene amounts of cash on new players and their obscene pay packets Arsene Wenger led his club with a sound financial reasoning and sensible steady sustainable growth and time will prove that another era of dominance is surely a matter of time away.

It’s a match made in heaven when you think about it. You have a club who staked a large sum of money into building the fantastic new Emirates stadium and then needed to be clever with their cash and still manage to keep up with the rest of the pack. Add to that scenario a manager who is known worldwide as one of the shrewdest purchasers of players and most importantly a man able to mould talented kids into world beaters time and time again. (The Halfway Line)

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So do Gunners fans believe the good times are just around the corner? Is the club well run? Is Arsene’s way the best?

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