What do Spurs FANS think about the Ledley King England FARCE in SIX WORDS!!

Long-winded people are boring, and writing full sentences is for chumps. So instead you have just SIX words. Sound easy? Good for you.

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Clearly this was a huge screw up by Fabio and his cohorts. Yes it’s all well and good to acknowledge the recent performances from Ledley but clearly they should have taken into account the very real possiblity that it would be a pointless exercise that could in the long run damage Spurs. Couldn’t they instead call up Woody? Or perhaps think first before calling on a player who it has been well documented can’t play twice in a week.

You could probably write an essay about this. Well tough, you only have SIX WORDS! Concise and creative, or just plain hilarious, it’s up to you now so leave your masterpiece in the comments.

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