Arsenal fans will find this VERY FUNNY!

An interesting take on the whole Cesc spitting incident.

Caught this in Arseblog and was left chuckling on my lunch!
Hull City are set to provide The FA with their dossier about the Cesc Fabregas/Brian Horton/We’re just making stuff up now and have gone too far to back down incident. As usual Arseblog is ahead of game and can provide you, exclusively, with a copy of the letter Hull are sending to the powers that be.

As always the Arseblog hits the nail on the head and then takes the piss a little bit more just to make it perfectly clear who is in the wrong and who is in the right. Remember Phil Brown also claimed that he never ever gets a friendly handshake from Arsene Wenger, an allegation easily refuted and done so with great amusement by The Spoiler (

To see the whole amusing Fabregas story CLICK HERE!

Clearly Hull City are having to back track and have now decided to try wriggle their way out of all of this by just asking for an apology from Cesc and then they will say no more on the matter! The fact that Fabregas clearly has done nothing wrong just makes Phil Brown look like an idiot!

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