Could tonight be this Arsenal man’s last chance to say sorry to the fans?

This guy’s attitude has stunk since the summer and perhaps the big game tonight will be his last chance to prove he respects the club?

Last summer Emmanuel Adebayor was more sought after than a winning national lottery ticket. After the season he has had this time around I’d say he was as sought after as a dose of Swine flu or a left hook from Manny Pacquiao.

I was gutted by his behaviour last summer. I felt he disrespected Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and most of all, Gooners.

Its clear that all the attention he had went to his head. I only know two players with heads and ego’s bigger than Ade’s. Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane. Maybe Lassana Diarra as well. But only because he has an abnormal dolphin shaped head.

I don’t think his heart is at Arsenal anymore and I believe he should leave. But first he owes Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and most of all, Gooners, the two best performances of his life in the game with Manchester United tomorrow and the final in Rome.

A good performance tomorrow benefits both himself and Arsenal. (

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I have to say that when i read this post my head was nodding in agreement in much the same way as that irritating dog used to do in those Churchill insurance ads. This guy has hit the nail on the head. Perhaps most annoyingly though, Ade-pay-me-more was distinctly average prior to last term’s excellent return so many would have hoped he would be a bit more grounded than he was. I am sure that 95% of Arsenal fans probably want him to leave.

Compare and contrast him to two other boo-boys of late Emmanuel Eboue and Nicklas Bendtner. Now both of them have improved markedly this term after feeling the wrath of the fans but even at their lowest points i don’t think either of those players could be accused of not trying, i mean they were accused of simply not being good enough but at least they tried whenever Wenger felt like playing them.

I am sure Adebayor will leave in the summer and if Arsene is offered anywhere near the astronomical amounts i have heard quoting he will surely take the money and run!

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