Top Ten football teams EVER! Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Hungary get the nod!

The Daily Mail have fallen in love with top ten lists!

It could be that one of the great European club sides will top your list, the great Real Madrid or AC Milan teams?

Or maybe its one of those special international teams that have graced our summers down the years – Brazil’s magical stars of 1970 or Holland and their total footballers?

We haven’t only selected teams on strength of trophies alone – there’s more to the game than that. Style, panache and skill are all characteristics that any true lover of football will recognise and appreciate…

10 Spain (2008)

9 Holland (1974)

8 Hungary (1954)

7 AC Milan (1989)

6 England (1966)

5 Arsenal (2004)

4 Liverpool (1984)

3 Real Madrid (1960)

2 Manchester United (1999)

1 Brazil (1970) (Daily Mail)

So what do you make of this list? I have to say i am not that impressed. Not sure of the merits of having Spain’s Euro 2008 winners on the list and of all the successful Liverpool sides would the 1984 deserve a special mention? Number One is hard to argue against though and Brazil’s march to the World Cup win in Mexico has stood the test of time. The lack of a mention of the Ajax side of the early 70s is a surprising omission.

Are there any other teams you would have thought deserved a mention?

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