Man Wastes a year of his life obsessing about Cristiano Ronaldo!

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Funny, and a little bit tragic, but mainly funny!

The biggest unofficial Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook page has been shut down by the site despite having almost three million fans and getting half a million hits every month.
The man behind the page, 25-year-old Kunwar Ali who lives in Pakistan, told Newsbeat he was devastated at what had happened.
“I used to spend six or seven hours on Facebook every day posting updates about Cristiano and have done for the last year.
“Everything is gone and I now have nothing.”
The first Kunwar knew about his page behind shut down was on Monday when a friend told him he couldn’t log on.
“I don’t know why it was removed. It could be a lot of reasons,” he said.
Part of the terms and conditions of signing up to Facebook is that unofficial fan pages aren’t allowed.
They read: “Fake Pages and unofficial ‘fan pages’ are a violation of our terms of use. If you create an unauthorized page or violate our terms in any way, your Facebook account may be disabled.” (BBC Sport)

Well what can you say? Clearly this guy isn’t operating on all cylinders! I mean, imagine his surprise! He starts a fake, or if you prefer unofficial, Facebook page and then is shocked that it has been removed after he spent a year building it up! Them’s the breaks i guess. However on a serious note, the upsurge in the use of social networking sites like FB and Twitter must get celebrities all flustered when they consider that their identity is being used illegally, although sometimes this can be quite amusing, for instance you should have seen Southampton Chairman Rupert Lowe’s Twitter page, well clearly not his own, it has been removed for some reason but was darn hilarious when it was up there. Theo Walcott also has his own page, but try to access this and you will be told it has been suspended for suspicious activity, probably due to the fact the Arsenal man had nothing to do with it!

Anyway, what next for Kunwar Ali? Well perhaps he could choose a lesser known celebrity to idolise via the medium of social networking, someone who wouldn’t take offence at being pimped out to all and sundry, someone who has nothing to lose from such a venture. Can i suggest he look to secure a FB page or Twitter account in the name of Joey Barton?

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