Too good to go down? Newcastle and Boro are just awful!

Let’s get this straight. No club was spared the ignominy of relegation because of the size of their average attendance or because of the contents of their trophy cabinet and if i hear another person say that Newcastle, and at a push Boro, are too good to go down, i swear i will rip their faces off with a spoon!

Having watched both sides on numerous occasions i have to say both teams are very very poor. Watching Middlesbrough play is a painful thing to do and i give maximum credit to their season ticket holders who week in week out pay good money to watch their players attempt to play the game we love to call football.

From front to back they are a team who really are ill equipped to survive in the top flight. I am told time and again that they have a good set of youngsters coming through but who exactly are they talking about? All the kids i see churned out by the Riverside ‘academy’ look piss poor to me, can anyone name me a single Boro youngster who has gone on to great or even good things? And please do not dare to name Stewart Downing! He is perhaps the most overrated player in the Premier League and there is a reason no club has bothered to splash the cash on the hilariously one footed occasional good crosser of the ball. Also Gareth Southgate is incapable of investing Steve Gibson’s money with any real skill, preferring instead to adopt the pin a tail on the donkey approach of spending his chairman’s money. And anyone not convinced by this argument i will give you two words. Afonso and Alves, who could have predicted that the signing of the Brazilian would be a big waste of money? Well i think anyone with a footballing brain, or indeed anyone with a brain could have seen this as a big mistake. Scoring goals in Holland is easy, probably even easier than in the SPL, so was it a surprise when the striker flopped, and flopped he has.

Then we move onto Newcastle. A club so big, that it has managed to go over 40 years without winning a major trophy! I mean that’s a seriously poor record. Yes they are a big club with good fans but if they are a side that is too good to go down, then i want to see a club that really fits that description. They really pressed the self destruct button this term and how Mike Ashley has the nerve to turn up to St James’ Park is beyond me. To be fair the Toon Army does have a handful of very good players but it also has more than it’s fair share of players who really have underperformed. This is a club that has spent the best part of £70m on new players in the last three years and what have they got to show for it? Not much! Oh yes, they also continue to pay Joey Barton a wage so that it can supplement his lifestyle of aggravation, and one can only hope he never plays for the club again. I must stress that i have nothing but respect for the clubs supporters who deserve a Champions League level side given the love and heart they give to a team that consistently gives them nothing back.

Having said all of this i do have a sneaky feeling that Newcastle will avoid the drop but one can only hope that in doing so someone will come along and buy the club from that obese owner! In fact maybe the best fit for both clubs would be if Steve Gibson, the more supportive owner in the Premier League, took over from Ashley (i say this in jest but in many ways he is the kind of chairman the Newcastle fans deserve)?

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