Footballing Myths #1: Placing crazy valuation on a player in order to dispel interest in said player

Myth’s are made to be busted and i’m the man to do it because i am…yes you guessed it…The Mythbuster (imagine scary insane laughter as you read this).

A case in point. Today according to the paragon’s of truth and honour The Daily Mail Bolton have slapped a £20m price tag on defender Gary Cahill to put off interest from Arsenal.’ . Ok so this valuation is clearly insane and one can understand to a point what Mr. Megson is trying to do but how about this for a solution…. Now keep up Gary as i may lose you with my stunning logic…are you ready? Ok so here is the solution.

Instead of slapping a crazy price on the players head like some kind of drug crazed Moose, why not just say “He’s not for sale!”. Now if the intention was to get as much money as possible for a player but doing so in a thinly veiled attempt to get huge sums of money into the clubs coffers then Mr. Megson you have also failed on this count because clearly you have gone a little too crazy in your valuation.

Either way i deem this Myth to be Busted!

Remember you learned something of value here today.

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