Arsenal Boss asks Fans to Lay Off Adebayor Abuse: Does he have a point?

Wenger calls for calm at the Q&A.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was unhappy with fans “slaughtering” striker Emmanuel Adebayor at this week’s Arsenal shareholders Q&A.

“Adebayor has done fantastically well for the club,” he said. “All the big clubs wanted him last summer and it will be the same again this summer. Some players have bad periods. If they don’t do well it is because they have lost confidence. But the only way to help a guy who has lost confidence is to support him. Slaughtering him it does not help him.

“One day you will look back at this period and say it is not disastrous. I am not pretentious enough to think I do not make mistakes. But you have to give me one credit.” (

In many ways its a response that Wenger is duty bound to retort but does he really mean it and should Arsenal fans pay any heed to the advice of our esteemed leader? Look i am against pointless abuse of players on the field of play when they put in some poor displays, i was against the barracking Emmanuel Eboue came up against a few months back but in many ways the troubled utility player has only benefited from that abuse and is now held in a higher regard than previously.

Nicklas Bendtner has also improved greatly after the fans made it clear that his sub standard performances were not good enough but where Adebayor differs from these cases is that the Togolese striker has in many ways disrespected the club off the field of play and that is a far bigger footballing crime than playing below par on the pitch.

Adebayor practically offered a come and get me plea in the summer and as a result became a figure of hate by most of the clubs supporters. But what did he expect? He openly came out and suggested the club could do well to sell him and make some cash and in recent weeks he has once again opened up the can of worms by revealing his love and admiration for AC Milan and in particular the clubs Chief Executive Adriano Galliani, oh yes and add to that the fact that when he plays for the club he looks like he doesn’t give a shit. He rarely runs back when he loses the ball and often gives up on a pass and stands there complaining and shrugging his shoulders. He has tried to reverse this in recent weeks but i think it’s a lost cause and i am sure Mr. Wenger knows it and is surely just counting down the hours until the transfer window re-opens and he will be hoping the San Siro outfit puts in a decent bid and then surely the problem will be solved by Emmanuel’s departure.

What do Arsenal fans think of the situation? Was Arsene right to call for the clubs supporters to take it easy on the guy or should he just accept that they are just a result of the players actions?

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