He is Useless: Who does your Club Urgently need to Offload!

Every team has one, some have even more than one and some clubs have more than they care to mention!

No matter who you support, whether they have just been relegated to Non-League obscurity of just won the Premier League, there will still be someone at the club who just doesn’t deserve to be there. The need for these players to be offloaded may purely be down to their lack of talent or perhaps for off field issues, either way you need to make it loud and clear for all to hear just who those players are. You never know, maybe your clubs boss visits this site regularly and therefore may even heed your advice (unlikely of course, but this is exactly how Rafa knew it was time to let Harry Kewell leave (joke)).

Anyway using our unique cut and paste thingy below, illustrate your anger by naming and shaming said player/s. Remember you don’t need to fill in the whole form and for some of you five spaces may not be enough, in which case simply expand the list and away you go!

CUT AND PASTE THINGY (simply fill in the spaces provided and cut and paste into comments box)

Please Mr ______ Sell the following players.


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