Do You Want to See the Worst Diver in the Footballing World Today?

Forget everything you thought you knew…the worst diver in the world does not play in the Premier League!

Is there a widely accepted most regal of kingly divers? Hard to say. One of the Prem boys: Cristiano Ronaldo, Robin Van Persie or Didier Drogba? Pavel Nedved’s surely due a lifetime achievement award at some point in the near future. Alberto Gilardino will never rid himself of the stench from that fateful day in Glasgow. If a tree falls in an Uzbekistan wood, does it make a sound? Even if that tree’s name is Rivaldo?
A name which has been quietly lingering, nosily prodding his way to the big boys’ table, sniper-shot himself to diving superstardom this weekend as he subsequently shot Atletico up the La Liga table and into football’s lotto position. Come on down, Kun Aguero.

Talk of the Spanish town is the dive (1:00 in his How To tutorial above) which won the penalty which took the score to 1-0 which won the game which vaulted Atletico above Valencia into the life-or-death fourth Champions League spot with two games remaining which may inevitably force cash-strapped Los Che to sell of all their stars along with the kitchen sink. (The Offside)

To see the dive in question CLICK HERE! And believe me, even if you had no love for Valencia before this game you will surely feel their pain once you see the actions of Diego Maradona’s son-in-law.

As dives go it really is the kind of effort that makes football fans the world over very angry indeed. It’s not one of those that you see a player fling himself to the floor in an acrobatic fashion, Kun Aguero instead opts for the slow motion stumble followed by sort of front crawl. Embarrassing!

It’s time a post match panel was formed to adjudicate on these things and then for the worst offenders to get banned in retroactively.

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