50 Greatest Liverpool Players: Good In Depth List

A must for all Anfield Lovers!

50 Fernando Torres

Surprised he’s only just scraped into the top 50? I know, I know, there are plenty more who deserve the place. But it’s a matter of courtesy. Torres has a prodigious talent and can get into the top ten of Liverpool greats if his career pans out. So it’s more of an incentive. Oh, I’m sorry. I misunderstood. You expected him to be higher? Ha, ha. He’s in the company of big boys now. Read on and you will see why.

40 David Fairclough

Grand National day, 1976. Early kick off at Anfield. It’s derby day but, with time running out, it looks like the only winner will come at Aintree. Then off the bench comes a spindly, pale redhead. Late on, he picks the ball up near the Kemlyn Road touchline 40 yards out and sets off towards the Anfield Road goal. In a blur of ginger hair and flailing legs he reaches the edge of the area and shoots. Everton fall at the last! Yet the strike saddled Fairclough with an unwanted nickname: Supersub. The next year, against Saint Etienne that title would be cemented forever. Living proof that red hair is no bar to greatness. And you don’t need a regular place in the side, either. Just impact.

3 John Barnes

Barnes on the rampage was one of the most breathtaking sights in the game. Mesmerising ball control was combined with a directness rare in wingers. His balance almost defied belief, with hulking defenders bouncing off those monumental thighs. The football the Barnes-led side played in 1987 and 1988 hit peaks as high as any Liverpool team have reached. (Times Online)

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Anyone on the list who you feel was far too high up, anyone forgotten?

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