Footballing Myths #2: English Football did not begin in 92/93!

Myth’s are made to be busted and i’m the man to do it because i am…yes you guessed it…The Mythbuster (imagine scary insane laughter as you read this).

Am i dreaming? There was a footballing world before the summer of 1992? I am right, aren’t I?

There are those who will try to convince you otherwise but if you look closely enough or do some basic internet research, there was a Football League before some marketing bods came up with the FA Premier League, and therefore anyone who quote statistics or facts that somehow ignore these facts are basically c**ts, sorry there is no other word I feel more apt.

Obviously since the inception of the EPL the game has become a more viable financial institution but don’t let anyone tell you that somehow this re-branding saved the game or somehow made it ‘cooler’ to be a football fan. Sure there are some out there who only started taking an interest in the game when they realised they could do so from the comfort of their armchairs 24/7, but believe me the game was alive and well and had managed to keep its collective head above water for a century plus years.

I am one of those sad people who hears a stat or fact delivers either in a pub or on the TV and then instantly tries to locate the information to prove that the stat is actually a post 92 fact and therefore decides the previous 120 years are rendered meaningless. If you notice someone out there doing likewise, i.e. spouting some record being broken but somehow doesn’t take into account previous occasions from before the Premier League came into existence, then you have my blessing to swear in that persons direction!

Soon it’s going to become like those last brave soldiers who fought in World War II dying and then the inevitable fog of memory almost forgetting what happened all those years ago. There can’t be too many footballers plying their trade who played in a Pre-EPL era, Ryan Giggs being one notable exception. Maybe we should start taking accounts from these anomalies and storing them into some sort of secure safe for generations past to peruse and discuss amongst themselves in disbelief that there was once a time when Sky Sports didn’t rule the world!

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