Days Away From Oblivion: How to Survive The Dreaded Summer Without Football!

Yes we are nearing that time of the year when Footballers take a much needed break so they can sun themselves on the beach and leave addicts like me waiting like a mad man for the football fixtures to be released!

We have no European Championship or World Cup to look forward to and i am not desperate enough to have any interest in the Confederations Cup so it’s time for Cold Turkey as i wait with baited breath for the footballing world to restart next August.

Surely something can be done to liven up these two months or so of football-less drudgery? Perhaps its time for a full time professional seniors league to be set up to cover this period? I think it would be a big success and would also handily offer a financial lifeline for those players who missed the Premier League bubble. It works in Golf and Tennis so why don’t some smart bods get to work on getting one started before i go crazy!

Other ways to deal with this enforced sabbatical away from the game i love and devote far too much of my time to, could include the following.

Playing Championship Manager until my eyes bleed
Getting a life and developing passions beyond the Beautiful Game
Devote more time to my Wife and Children

Yes those are the options! I am not a heartless monster so i feel a summer of fun awaits my family as i attempt to ween myself from my footballing addiction by planning fun pastimes for the summer whilst simultaneously keep an eye out on any interesting football rumours on my laptop.

Does anyone else have any ideas of how best to deal with this period when the game goes into hibernation?

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