Calling All Liverpool Fans: If you Love your Club you will Love This!

Most people browse the web through search engines like Google, but the problem for fans like us is that when we search for stuff related to football often what comes back is a bunch of nonsense. Try typing “Torres” or even “Liverpool” into Google and you’ll see what we mean.

But the lads at have built an incredible search engine just for Liverpool fans . In addition to the traditional Google web search there is a tab you can click to switch to a unique football search that only scans websites relevant to football and Tottenham in particular – so you always find what you were actually looking for.

The design is clean and crisp, and we love the dynamic Flickr photo stream at the top that loads photos taken by fans themselves.

So give Liveroo a whirl and we recommend setting it as your homepage or bookmarking it so you can start your day properly with Spurs and quickly find what you are really looking for.

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