Link Loving – May 25th: Liverpool take on Arsenal in ‘Style Challenge’; Man United miss out on Man City man; How to Cope without Football; Barcelona Debutant wishes the ground would open up and Swallow Him Up

If you love links then you will love these, if you don’t love links why the hell did you read on after the headline! It says Link Loving after all!

Fantastic article about the horrendously ill-informed ‘journalist’ Steve Cohen’s remarks about the Hillsborough disaster

(This Is Anfield)

Barcelona Teen has worst possible Debut!

(Dirty Tackle)

Arsenal’s Samir Nasri takes on Liverpool warhorse Jamie Carragher in Style Challenge!


Is this the best way to deal with the end of season blues?

(Studs Up)

Man City man claims he is glad he turned down Sir Alex…but do we believe him?

(The Republik of Mancunia)

A Football Legend is Rightfully Saluted!

(The Offside)

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