Top 20 Goals of the Premier League Season Part 2: With Video!

If you love fantastic goals then you will not be disappointed with this collection!

#10: Fernando Torres – Liverpool 4-0 Blackburn, 11/04/09

Would Liverpool’s season have ended in league glory had Fernando Torres managed to avoid injury? We’ll never know – but surely fans would’ve been treated to more gems like this. Nonchalantly foregoing the traditional practice of actually checking where the net is before hitting the ball, the number 9 scores a spectacular striker’s goal.

#6: Frank Lampard – Hull City 0-3 Chelsea, 29/10/2008

Young footballers take note: this is the textbook definition of a ‘delicate chip’. Regardless of the baffling amount of time and space Lampard is given to do what he wants with the ball here, the inch-perfect placement is glorious.

#3: Glen Johnson – Portsmouth 2-2 Hull City, 22/11/08

Fast forward to 5:17 for the good bit. Extra points for successful execution of a shot half the league would struggle with on even their strongest foot, let alone their unfavoured peg. Classy stuff, and a mark of the turnaround in Glen Johnson’s career since his useless spell at Chelsea. (The Spoiler)

To see these great goals in Technicolor Video CLICK HERE!

Personally I would have given the number one spot to Glen Johnson! What about you? Do you have an alternative choice for the best of the season?

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