How to Make Enemies and Irritate People: Arsenal and Emmanuel Adebayor Set for Painful Break-Up

Why is it that beautiful relationships are always doomed to failure?

Emmanuel Adebayor arrived at the club a little wet around the ears and ready to learn from the master, a certain Mr. Thierry Henry, and in 07/08 he appeared to be the real deal and his name could be heard ringing around the stadium as the Emirates faithful, including me, saluted his very presence on the field of play.

Then last summer something happened. Maybe his agent was guilty of shit stirring or perhaps the Togolese striker was acting in his own interests, who knows, but either way it was abundantly clear that the youngster who Wenger had gambled on bringing had got too big for his boots was trying to engineer his way to either a big fat pay rise or a move elsewhere. Anyone doubting this to be true should read the quotes attributed to Emmanuel last June.

“Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it’s up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I’ll leave.
“If my good form of last season has increased my value, my employers have to take account of that.
“I have to prepare for my retirement. Even if you are not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement.
“The time for preparing for that moment is now.” (Daily Telegraph)

It irritates me every time I re-read these statements because it so easily illustrates the mentality of the modern day Premier League footballer. Just the idea that a player who is probably already a millionaire at age 24 is claiming to be planning for the future and that somehow excuses a mercenary attitude is simply disgusting.

Whilst it’s fair for a player to ask for a wage that reflects his progression at a club he should never resort to discussing the matter publicly and should not, under any circumstances, attempt to hold that club to ransom by issuing an ultimatum which devalues him as a human being as well as the club he purports to respect and love.

He then went on to have a pretty average season which ended very poorly with Adebayor strolling around the pitch with an air of 2 parts ‘laziness’ and 1 part ‘trying to make a point’. The guy has talent that is plainly obvious but his attitude stinks and this interview he had with the god awful Garth Crooks was probably intended to try and smooth things between himself and the fans, but it back fired because he came across a person unwilling to take any responsibility for his part in the break down of his relationship with the club and it’s fans, if you want to see just what i am referring to CLICK HERE to see the interview, but be warned it includes a typically tepid interviewing technique from the ever fawning former Spurs man.

Wenger tried manfully to back his man in the AGM Q&A but he in his heart of hearts must have been hurt by the former Monaco man’s behaviour and the fact Emmanuel wasn’t selected in the first team squads in the last two matches of the season really says it all.

There seems no way back for this relationship and even if Arsenal as a club and it’s fans were to arrange to go Marriage Guidance for help, Adebayor would probably suggest that the supporters and management should pay for the whole thing.

I truly wish you good luck in the future Emmanuel but i only hope you realise that you, and no one else, were to blame for this particularly tragic break-up!

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