Hilarious! Leo Messi Gets Very Drunk Indeed at Barcelona Celebration Party: Video!

You can’t blame him! If I was the best footballer on the planet and had just won the treble I too would get well and truly hammered!

It appears Lionel Messi reached his thimble of alcohol limit at some point during Barcelona’s parade yesterday, because sober people don’t usually let others dangle them over the edge of a double decker bus, stagger around like a dizzy toddler, or try to steal giant lollipops. Also, the hand gestures.

The best though is when his teammates try to hoist him up at the 1:10 mark and he gets all serious. “Stop, dudes, or I’m gonna hurl. I’m not even kidding right now…I’m gonna talk to these people and then I’m gonna throw up.”

And finally, is that a mustache? (Dirty Tackle)

To see the Video in Question CLICK HERE (and believe me you really should check it out!)

This is hilarious and you can see just how drunk he is by the reaction of his relatively sober teammates who look at the Argentine Magician with a mixture of shock and amusement as he continues to display his drunkenness to the watching masses!

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