Italian International Advertises German Sausages!


This is Luca Toni, an Italian footballer, who plays for a German club, selling German sausages, in an Italian advertisement.

And why would he ever do that? Well, the brand he’s hawking — Nürnberger Bratwürste — is that of a company (HoWe Wurstwaren) co-owned by Bayern Munich chairman Uli Hoeness and run by his son Florian.

Although it is pretty harmless, there’s something that seems a bit skeevy about this. I mean, would Luca Toni be endorsing German sausages in Italy if they weren’t made by his boss’ company?

Actually, he might. Only 2.19 for all those sausages? Not a bad deal. (Dirty Tackle)

To see the advert in all its glory and cheapness CLICK HERE!

I love sausages, this is not a euphemism, i really do love sausages!

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