Former Liverpool, Newcastle and Man City Man Is Being Sued for Being a Very Bad Gambler!

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Not good news for former Anfield man.

According to The Times, Manchester City midfielder Dietmar Hamann is being sued by betting firm Sporting Index over £600,000 he owes for gambling losses that date back to May 2006.

By December last year, Hamann, 35, who spent seven years playing for Liverpool, had racked up debts of £706,000.

He repaid £100,000 on New Year’s Eve, but failed to pay the remainder, due on January 3, according to High Court documents . Sporting Index is also claiming interest of up to £26,400 on the debt. (Dirty Tackle)

To see more details of the German’s insatiable appetite for bad bets CLICK HERE!

In his distinguished playing career Dietmar’s transfers from various clubs have amounted to a figure in excess of £13.5m it appears however that he has spent a similar amount on a litany of gambling acts previously only reserved for the likes of Rainman and now it appears he is being sued by not just one betting organisation but two! For some reason Hamann also decided to bet on other sports he probably had no knowledge of (never a good idea) including cricket and American Football however rumours that he placed a large sum on Susan Boyle to win are as yet unfounded.

Expect the battling midfielder to opt for a move to the MLS to help cover his legal costs!

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