How Many Manchester United Players Does it Take to Change Lightbulb?


Well we are all to aware of just namby pamby today’s footballers are but news surfacing today really takes the proverbial biscuit!

Apparently Manchester United players have been handed a ‘Player Liaison Manager’ to basically use as they please in a manner not unlike you would see on an old episode of Upstairs Downstairs! This general dogsbody is available night and day to deal with any ridiculous request the most absurd being in order to change a f**king light bulb!

Now I am left speechless by what I have read and instantly have to wonder if other clubs employ a similar style nanny to watch over their pampered stars? The answer worryingly is almost certainly, yes!

(The Spoiler has a few things to say about this too CLICK HERE to read what they have to say)

Clearly the lions share of Barry Moorhouse’s time (for that is the name of the Man United servant) is probably spent lining up hookers or wannabe wags whilst simultaneously explaining to his clients how one goes about placing a microwave meal into a…microwave. Yes It’s clear I don’t have a high regard for the modern day footballer but is it any wonder! I am not going to bore anyone with the standard ‘this wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago’ response but will simply wonder if the world has gone mad!

The fact that the average Premier League annual salary now tops £1m is obscene enough but now one has to only peruse the back pages of the papers and scour the web to see the kind of debauched Roman Empire style lifestyles these people lead, which is clearly all the more flagrant given the current recession we find ourselves in!

If you wondering if I am jealous of the wealth and fame that footballers now command then the answer is of course yes but at the same time I can’t help but feel a little sorry for these poor deluded individuals who at times seem to live a bubble that fails to bare any relation to the real world the supporters of their clubs live in.

Rant Over! Oh…and the answer to the question posed in the headline is obviously :None, as they have a certain Mr. Moorhouse who comes around to do that for them.

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