Newcastle United Fans..Prepare to be Disgusted!


Premier League Soccer: Liverpool v Newcastle United MAY 3

According to The Sunday Telegraph, the man with the highest paying image rights deal at Newcastle is Jailbird Joey Barton. Think about that for a moment. I mean really think about that. They pay him £675,000 per year for the rights to his horrible, horrible image. That alone should have been grounds for relegating the club, regardless of their awful record.

Says the Telegraph:

With Michael Owen at the end of his contract, Barton’s image rights payments – which work out at roughly £13,000 a week – are believed to be at least £200,000 higher than those of his best paid team-mates. While most high profile players receive just over 10 per cent of their basic salary, Barton, whose contract runs until 2012, is paid just over 20 per cent.

Forget relegation, that should be a hanging offense. (Dirty Tackle)

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Shocking isn’t the word! Just when you thought that Joey Barton couldn’t be any offensive something is revealed to make your believe he is in fact the son of satan. Surely there is no way that Newcastle United will allow this waste of space to be involved in their struggle to return to the Premier League!

He is as self destructive as something that always self destructs!

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