Proof that Barcelona Star Leo Messi is Probably World’s Worst Male Model!

Great at football….bad at modelling!


Messi tries to perfect The Rainman Look…and get’s it worryingly spot on!

Keen to show the virtues of badly-named shoe manufacturers ‘Lady Stork’, the Argentinean is the star of a new campaign that showcases his modelling versatility: he has mastered ‘tying laces’, the tricky ’sitting in a relaxed pose as if waiting for a lady partner’ and so much more… (The Spoiler)

It’s not that he is ugly, if anything he is average looking but it just appears that the masterly footballer is like a badly dressed duck out of water when he is given the task of trying to sell clothing. If you doubt of what i speak please CLICK HERE to see the evidence needed to illustrate the point!

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