Manchester United Defender Dressed As a Ladyboy: And We Are Not Kidding!

What the F**K?

I know this is a football blog but the season is over so I have to turn my attentions elsewhere. Whilst the fashion sense of our players isn’t my number one priority, I think there are certain exceptions to that rule.

Rio, what the fuck are you wearing mate?

Enjoying a lads holiday in Israel, accompanied by that twat Jody Morris, Rio managed to redeem himself somewhat by taking his United beach towel. But seriously, have a word! (The Republik of Mancunia)

To see these Incredible, and we mean INCREDIBLE, Pictures CLICK HERE!

I’m sorry but the Stag Do Excuse is a) no excuse to invite midget thug Jody Morris anywhere and b) not a good enough reason to make yourself look even more of a prat than Cristiano Ronaldo!

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