Liverpool Keeper Fears for His Life!


Trabant Wreck

Never ever compare a Mob Bosses girlfriend to a Trabant (See communist era car above)

There are many things one may hope never to encounter in their short lifetime here on Earth. One of those things is being mauled by a black bear. Another one of those things is having a Bulgarian mob boss come after you.

Ohhh, looks like a loss for Liverpool reserve keeper Nikolay Mihailov on the latter. Crud:

Mihailov, who ended last season on loan at Steve McClaren’s FC Twente, is being shadowed round the clock by at least three minders after an acid attack on his £170,000 Ferrari sports car.

Reports in Bulgaria claim that a violent row began when local mob godfather Georgi ‘The Head’ Stoilov began dating Mihailov’s former girlfriend, model Nikoleta Lozanova, who was crowned Bulgaria’s ‘Playmate of the Year’ in 2006.

Why is ole’ Georgi boy going after a guy she just used to date? No, it’s not just because of an irrepressible temper and the fact that he is nicknamed “The Head”:

Mihailov allegedly joked to local media that if his new girlfriend was a Ferrari, Nikoleta must be a broken down Trabant from the old East Germany.

The next day, Mihailov woke to find that his Ferrari had suffered £17,000 worth of damage following an acid attack that had destroyed the car’s paintwork.

Authorities suspect involvement from the Stoilov family, one of Bulgaria’s most powerful Mafia clans.

That’ll do it. Classy jokes like that usually do the trick when attempting to have a Bulgarian mob boss kill you. Good on you, Mihailov. (Dirty Tackle)

To see pictures of the lady the Liverpool goalie compared to a clapped out motor CLICK HERE!

Liverpool’s third choice keeper must be dearly hoping for a return to Anfield in order to escape the self enforced nightmare that has ensued his rather ill thought out, but nonetheless hilarious, comments!

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