Ten Ways David Beckham Can Make Americans Love Him Again!


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Football Legend and all round world renowned celebrity David Beckham has angered many in the US with his rather meek attempts to whisk himself away from his MLS club. His attempts have been as subtle as a sledgehammer and therefore he can not be surprised at the anger he has engendered from his former fans as well as his own teammates!

So Becks we have come up with a ten point plan that should ensure that Americans will once again Love him!

10. Apologize for unsubtly trying to escape to AC Milan

9. Play well for LA Galaxy for two consecutive games

8. Make a guest appearance on The Simpsons to show that you have a sense of humour, whilst simultaneously apologizing to the nation

7. For the Ladies – Post Naked for Playboy (My Wife suggested that one, should I be offended?)

6. Get a divorce from that self obsessed peculiar looking fame hungry media whore

5. Give all his money away to a selection of Charities

4. Persuade Ronaldinho to take his place at the Home Depot Center

3. Apply for Citizenship just in time to represent the US at the World Cup and then humbly accept Bob Bradley’s decision to not select you on the grounds that you are too old and just not good enough any more!

2. Pay back LA Galaxy every cent he took from them

1. Get the Hell out of Dodge

Simple as that!

If you have any other suggestions that could have been placed on just such a list as this, by all means leave them in the comment box below and we’ll be sure to send on the details to the man himself.

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