Most Hated Man In Football Falls Spectacularly to The Ground (Video)


Firstly thanks to Dirty Tackle for bringing this video to our attention and secondly you should sit down when you watch this as your sides will split and it’s therefore better to be near a phone so that you can call for an ambulance.

For the record FIFA President Sepp Blatter is a turgid waste of space who has done nothing for the game of football in the eleven years he has been at the helm. In case you need reminding of some of the Swiss Irritants infamous ‘statements’ some choice ones include his Ronaldo ‘Slave’ remarks and his insistence that what would help Women’s football the most would be ‘tighter shorts’ and is considered by many to be very corrupt indeed, oh yes and there was that whole “Hit and Run” Car accident that seems to have been covered up!

Anyway I digress, watch the clip and be greatly amused! Can’t wait for someone to remix this and add some music! It gets funnier every time you watch it and I have literally been watching it on repeat for hours!

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