Fantasy League CaughtOffside Style!

Time to put your managerial caps on, because here at COS we are all about the fun.

Its simple:

Go to and sign up for an account. You will then be asked to do the following:

Design a kit (2mins) and Pick your team (2 GK, 5 DF, 5 MD, 3 ST) and finally… Manage your team from subs, to captains and formations.

Once you have made your team, click the ‘league’ link at the left hand side and enter this code:


You are now a member of the COS league.

Easy, and its a 100% FREE.

I expect everybody to join. Especially the following:

Ash T, Jed, Steven Constable, Mad Dog and Glory, Donavan Reid, SHHHH, Paddy, JCWW and everybody else who religiously follows this site.

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