The Rumour Room: Daily Round-Up

Rounding up all the days biggest news and gossip.

Man City to Offer Terry £1M per Month in Wages.
Mark Hughes is starting to get desperate in his attempts to lure a defender with prestige to his club. The daily mail reports that City are willing to offer £50M to land Chelsea in a deal that could see the defender earn £1M a month. The Sun however reveals that Terry is in advanced stages of a contract renewal, in which his wages will increase from £130,000 to £150,000 per week.

This is absolute madness… £150,000 just for socialising with your mates during the week, pumping some weights and kicking a ball on the weekend. I feel i have been cursed to work 9 – 5 and read about players complain they aren’t earning enough.

Poor Man City though, it seems they are not going to land any defenders which could see them in a bit of trouble. Its kind of like buying a jumbo jet without any wings. Sure it looks good, and you have spent a lot of money on it, but without them you wont be going anywhere. This is the curse of Man City. 10 Strikers, no defence…

Likelihood Rating: Terry will be in blue next season… Chelsea blue. – 1/10


City Set to Bid for £18M Young.
Wow… Why am i not at all surprised that Hughes is setting his sights on yet another attacker. I’m sorry guys, but at what point did any team in the world need so many attacking players? Come January I can fore-see a few players requesting a transfer because they wont be getting played as often as they would like.

I’m don’t think O’Neil will sell him to City, not after losing Barry to them already. Further more I don’t think Young is the type of player to go to a club just for the money. He has a good thing going at Villa and if he was to leave, it would only really be for a top 4 side.

Likelihood Rating: Nope – 1/10


Liverpool & Villa Target Portsmouth‘s Distin
Apparently Liverpool and Villa are after the services of Distin. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same 31 year old Distin who has been playing for over 12 years and never played for his country? The same Distin who makes more mistakes than an 8 year olds spelling test?

I don’t for one second believe he is right for either club. Portsmouth will be wanting to hang on to him especially as the will be fighting to stay in the EPL.

Likelihood Rating: Portsmouth have ruled this out today. So no chance – 0/10


Real STILL After Alonso.
For all you guys who complain about the repetitiveness of articles, you may want to skip this one. Reports are claiming that the 2 clubs are close to agreeing a £30M deal for Alonso as he is still well in Reals sights. Liverpool on the other hand deny any such claims. The game of cat and mouse continues… Real are still interested in Arbeloa who Rafa is also reluctant to let go.

Do you remember the whole Gareth Barry saga last year? That’s exactly what this is like, and its funny because if it had not been for that saga, Alonso wouldn’t be looking for a move. Real will be a force to reckon with next year, but can all the big names get along? I can easily see Kaka out shinning Ronaldo, and Benzema grabbing more goals. You know what they say about too many cooks.

(Its spoils the broth) – just in case you didn’t know.

Liverpool would miss Alonso, there is no doubt about that, but I’m confident Rafa would be able to find a replacement that will sooth the pain.

Likelihood Rating: The 2 clubs seem to be disagreeing at every twist and turn. Still… Its more likely than not – 6/10


Ferguson given £60M to spend.
A club in so much debt should focus on paying it off, rather than splashing ridiculers amounts of cash.

I tell you what, if RBS ever call me wanting me to repay a loan, I will tell them that the day Manchester United pay them back, will be the day I will pay them back.

(Not that I have any RBS debts, but IF I DID! *shakes fist*)


Tottenham‘s Huntelaar Move Back On as Stuttgart Pull Out.
A move to Tottenham is not likely, for 2 reasons. Firstly Redknapp would have to sell some strikers or give up on signing Crouch, and secondly I have always seen Huntelaar as more of an Arsenal player.

Like City, Tottenham have to resolve some other issues, mainly in defence and on the left of midfield. Then and only then can they consider signing another striker.

Likelihood Rating: More likely to join Arsenal, so this one gets a 5/10


Gudjohnsen Mulling Over West Ham Move
Gudjohnsen, who played along side Zola at Chelsea for 3 years, today admitted that he would love to play for the West Ham manager. Now 30 he should seriously consider a move back to the Premier League. He isn’t going to get much playing time at Barcelona and this could well be a bargain if West Ham manage to pull it off. This is definitely the type of player Zola should be looking for.

Likelihood Rating: Nothing certain yet, but could well happen soon. – 5/10


Senderos For Sale.
Ill be quick with this one less I’m accused of being bias towards Arsenal.

Arsenal should keep Senderos. He is young and would be good cover for the Gunners (especially with all their defenders being injured throughout the season). Besides, I cant really see a queue stretching around the corner for him. The player Arsene really needs to put up for sale is Sylvestre.

Likelihood Rating: He hasn’t even been linked away yet. So not at the moment – 1/10


Galatasaray set to Launch Deco Bid.
Deco fell out of favour at Chelsea after having had such a bright start to the campaign. Speculation arose that he was Scolari’s favourite player, thus the reason he had a place in the starting 11 week in – week out. However when Hiddink took over Deco soon felt the cold bitterness of the bench, which was where he spent the rest of the season.

Now I know he’s old in footballing terms, but surely Deco can find a better club to play for. There must be a whole list of potential suitors looking to take him on? Right?

In saying that… Galatasaray seems to have become the elephants graveyard of football. With players such Harry Kewell, Milan Baros and even Arda Turan choosing to see out their careers there.

Likelihood Rating: Deco may decide this is the move for him, Chelsea will no doubt be looking to cash in – 6/10


Surely not? Maradona Lined Up By Portsmouth.
Wow, this is probably the biggest news of the day. It would seem that Portsmouth now have money to splash, and they want their first signing of the season to be the man with the hand of god. Should this go through I can see Portsmouth giving away the most penalties and free kicks, and gaining the most cards. I wonder if Maradona knows that ‘hand balls’ in English football are frowned upon.

Likelihood Rating: Quit Argentina to manage Portsmouth? Stranger things have happened. – 3/10


Real Madrid Have Ruled Out Making Any More Major Signings Until A Number of Unwanted Players Have Been Sold. (Press Association)
Yeah right. Real are spending money like a kid in a sweet shop. Im willing to bet we will hear something or another about Alonso in the next few days.

Likelihood Rating: Real to continue their hunt of Alonso, using players in exchange. – 8/10

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