Some Shady Goings On Behind the Scenes at Arsenal and the BBC!

Another excellent piece of journalism by perhaps the best blogger out there at present as Arseblog delves deeper into the boardroom kerfuffle at the Emirates.

It looks like the gloves are coming off and the relationships between our biggest shareholders are going to be increasingly tested over the next little while.

You’ll have seen some news reports quoting Alisher Usmanov’s partner in Red and White, Farhad Moshiri, after he was interviewed on Sportsweek on BBC 5 Live yesterday. I’m not going to go through the details of what he said because it’s pure propaganda for Usmanov, suffice to say most of what he says can be dismissed simply because of who he is.

What does he know about football? Why should anyone care what he thinks about the sale of Adebayor? And how can he possibly refer to Arsenal as ‘we’? He’s got no connection to the club other than being Usmanov’s ‘advisor’ and is a documented, by Usmanov himself, Manchester United fan. Stop talking about ‘us’ and ‘we’ when it comes to Arsenal, Moshiri. You are not one of us.

And much of what he says is just nonsense. He says that we ‘turned down an offer’ to pay our debts. What nonsense. There was no such offer. There was the possibility of a rights issue which is far different from someone coming along and paying our debts.

What is most troubling is the way in which they have been given air time on the BBC. If you listen to interview it’s as plain as day is a fluffy PR piece. David Davies is fawning, no alternative point of view is allowed and essentially the whole thing is a horribly sub-standard piece of journalism, if you can even call it that. (Arseblog)

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To complain to the BBC about their unprofessional approach in even sanctioning the David Davies Interview CLICK HERE

This saga promises to run on and on and one can only hope that Fat and Orange (Mr Usmanov to his cronies) crawls back under the stone from whence he came. Whilst it’s not a huge surprise that the BBC has sunk to these levels it’s no less disquieting and that is why I encourage everyone and anyone to take the opportunity to complain via the link provided regarding this shameless promoting of ‘Red and White’. As for the fawning interview itself, so appalling was it that it made me wish that Garth Crooks was conducting it, which is saying something!

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