Former Premier League Footballer Beats Up Pregnant Girlfriend: Classy!

In the 1990s he was famous for doing things like this!

In England, people remember the former Coventry, Sheffield United, Birmingham and Huddersfield striker mainly as a technically gifted forward that on occasion did magical stuff with the ball. Ok, he could go for weeks without doing much, and his scoring records isn’t top notch, but people still have fond memories of the Zimbabwean. In reality, Ndlovu is probably just another violent and egoistic fool.

This time it’s his current girlfriend that has been beaten up. The pregnant girlfriend, Pinky Duda, says he hit her in the face several times. He then went outside and returned with a car jack and started smashing windows in the house. The reason the quarrel started in the first place, was that Duda had complained that one of his former girlfriends had kept calling their house, although the relationship was supposed to be over.

This isn’t the first time Ndlovu has been into violent lady troubles. He had a spat with fellow Zimbabwean striker Benjani Mwaruari. The Manchester City forward discovered that Ndlovu had not only slept with his girlfriend, but also made passes towards his wife. Yes, he did have both a wife and girlfriend at the same time. But Ndlovu had a wife as well, so Mwaruari tried getting revenge by sleeping with Ndlovu’s wife, Sharon Dee. This led to a spat between Ndlovu and Mwaruari that went on for years, leading to amongst other things a fist fight at a traing camp with a national side. Mwaruari also claimed that Ndlovu had hired gangs to beat him up. (Associated Content)

Perhaps Peter Ndlovu could be a seen as a forerunner for Joey Barton? Mind you as much as I loath the Newcastle United thug I wouldn’t imagine him capable of this level of scumminess!

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