Alan Shearer Set to Return as Newcastle United Boss as New Consortium Nears Deal

Fingers crossed!

Premier League: Newcastle Fail To Stay In the Premier League

Come on Mike, surely it’s time you left?

Alan Shearer will finally be appointed as manager of Newcastle United if Mike Ashley can be persuaded to accept an offer for the club by a consortium fronted by a prominent Tyneside businessman.

Seymour Pierce, the investment bank employed by the Newcastle owner to sell the club, is set to recommend that Ashley accepts a bid led by Barry Moat, who served as chairman of Shearer’s testimonial committee.

Moat, who has a corporate box at St James’ Park and has been a significant contributor to the club’s academy, is the public and local face of a group that is thought to have backing from the United States.

Along with a rival consortium, Moat has been involved in painstaking negotiations with Keith Harris, Seymour Pierce’s executive chairman, as well as a detailed study of Newcastle’s finances. Harris, however, has now settled on Moat as his preferred bidder and will make his recommendation to Ashley within the next 48 hours. (Times Online)

Good news has been in short supply for Barcodes fans so lets hope this deal gets done. Personally I don’t know why Mike Ashley doesn’t just sell to any bidder because regardless of the financial loss he will sustain he will not want to be sitting in the stands for the new season because the abuse aimed at him will only get worse, and quite rightly so.

It’s a crying shame the way the club has been run aground by Odious & Obese and his cronies and if this deal is done swiftly enough and Big Al returned to the managerial post then the club could well spark at the right time, just as the new season is getting under way.

I think the current squad has what it takes to bounce back, but not if the club has this cloud hanging over it. There is a lot of deadwood at the club but the main issue is the way the club is managed from top to bottom and until that is fixed (and by fixed I of course mean a root and branch resignation from anyone in Ashley’s regime. Come on Mike, it’s high time you fell on your sword!

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