Ten Most Hated Players in the Premier League

Yes there are some familiar faces in this countdown plus a new batch of truly despised individuals!

Emmanuel Adebayor (Man City)

After failing to secure a move to AC Milan and then demanding an obscene wage from Arsene Wenger, Emmanuel’s future at Arsenal was called into question as long a go as last summer. The season that followed offered him a chance to show the club’s fans how much he was willing to work his socks off in way of an apology, unfortunately he spent the season moaning and waiting for someone to buy him.

Gary Neville (Man United)

For some reason this accomplished full back rubs a great many people up the wrong way. Liverpool fans of course have more reason than most to dislike the England international for his antics some years back following a late winner. He also does tend to moan and complain to the officials at any given opportunity but has won enough in the game to not be too hurt by any abuse he may get.

Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

For some reason he just rubs people up the wrong way. West Ham fans boo him for leaving the club for their arch rivals and other opponents fan just can’t stop jeering him at every opportunity.

Wayne Rooney (Man United)

Similarly to Frank, he is despised at the way he declared himself forever a blue and then left Everton to join Man United. His occasional bursts of insanity on the pitch also tend to leave the crowd baying for his blood.

Craig Bellamy (Man City)

There is a reason that this Welshman is at his sixth club in three and a half years. He is clearly a player that defenders hate playing against and that is of course a good thing, however he can’t stop complaining and has a nasty habit of reacting to abuse from the terraces rather than just hitting them where it hurts by scoring a winning goal. Oh yes, and he has previous for attacking team mates (hide those golf clubs!)

Ashley Cole (Chelsea)

Again attitude problems and a need to deflect blame elsewhere make this left back an object of abuse. Of course this all dates back to the disgusting way he sought to leave Arsenal after he was unhappy with their wage offer and then his inability to hold his hands up and accept when he was in the wrong, deciding instead to try to blame others. Oh yes, and there was that Mike Riley incident!

Lee Bowyer (Birmingham City)

This guy has been hated for a long long time. A kind of Diet Joey Barton if you like, Mr. Bowyer has a string of violent offences to his name both off and on the field of play. These greatly hampered what was a very promising career, to be fair to the West Ham man he has greatly calmed things down but the footballing public has a very good memory!

El-Hadji Diouf (Blackburn Rovers)

Spitting at fans will always get you a place on such a list. Add to that being a huge expensive flop at Liverpool and habitual moaning at refs and more than his fair share of naughty challenges. Resulting in an incredible disciplinary record in the English games which includes 58 bookings and 3 reds in little more than a 150 appearances.

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

More than likely to be greeted with a chorus of boos but now has to contend with the new regular chant, as witnessed at White Hart Lane yesterday, “You’re supposed to be in jail” after being found not guilty of a bar attack. Like many on this list his added talent and ability just makes him even more fun to throw abuse at. Note that Joey Barton only got abuse for being scum and not because anyone thought he had talent.

David Bentley (Spurs)

This guy creeps on to this list mainly due to a few misdemeanours which include the following. Chiefly rather blatantly trying to engineer a move away from Blackburn Rovers, the club that had brought him back from the dead after he was deemed not good enough by Arsene Wenger (a correct decision). Then there comes his decision to not play for the England Under 21’s (not for a meaningless game I might add but for the Under 21 European Championship finals no less) because he was tired! But was more likely because he deemed himself above such a tournament. Also his showboating and the needling appearance of using clubs as a stepping stone could be added for good measure.

Who would make it onto your list?

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