Comment Moderation Crack Down

Now we here at COS love good old fashioned reasoned debate, hell we also love a bit of in fighting and some good old fashioned swearing but we have noted an upturn in volume from complete headcases who seem to revel in the need to rile others and do so in a thoroughly unoriginal and pointless manner.

We know who you are, we know where you live and we have your IP addresses. We will be putting a few more banned words on our moderator watch list, and one of those words will not be Anteater, but you can guess which ones will be there. Now if your whole reason for living is to spout bile and anger all around you, then you probably need to seek psychiatric help rather than visit this website. To the majority of commentors who deal in sensible arguments and amusing name calling and basically having fun and talking football, we applaud you, keep up the good work!

Also, some of you have made points about the whole “You are commenting too quickly, slow down” malarkey, this is just a browser/tech issue. If you get this message, simply press the back button your comment will still be on screen and just press submit again and that should do the trick.

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