Arsenal Striker Bendtner Saved By God

Danish International believes divine intervention saved him from serious injury.

“I believe that somebody held his hand over me,” Bendtner told the Daily Telegraph. “I don’t know what or who, but looking in a broader perspective I simply felt somebody assisting me. I believe fully that this was just not my time. It was not time for my life to end.”

“Had my car been smaller and less secure it could have been fatal,” added Bendtner, who is expected to be named in Arsenal’s squad for the Premier League game against Blackburn Rovers. “They [the police] did label it a miracle that this didn’t end in tragedy or at least with severe injuries to me.” (Daily Telegraph)

By all accounts Nicklas was one very lucky bunny and I guess its quite natural for one to look for answers from above after a life threatening situation, maybe whilst God was looking over him the Dane could have asked for advice about how to go about netting 20 goals a season?

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