How Can Fabio Lead England to 2010 World Cup Success in 6(SIX) Words?

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Can it be done?

Maybe it’s a tactical titbit or a player who should be given more of a chance but what advice would you offer to Fabio in order to help England’s end 40+ years of hurt? Maybe you just want to be smart and offer everyone some witty nugget or perhaps you can use your six words to point out that England fans are dreaming if they think this side can finally win their second World Cup.

For those of you who are new to this format, it’s simple enough. You need to voice your opinion in simply six words. You can choose to take these six words to form a clever reasoned argument or instead for a bit of abuse (try to keep obscenities to a minimum as our moderator hamster is easily offended).

Simple as that, make your feelings known and stand well back and see what others have to say.

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