7 Reasons Why Football (Soccer) Will Never Be a Major Success in the US

Seven Reasons Why Football (Soccer) and the United States do not really need each other.

1. Not enough Stats

American sport lovers, love stats, as do I. Football (Soccer) doesn’t have enough. A game like Cricket really should do far better stateside, that sport has more stats than just about any sport known to man. However it seems unlikely that a sport that can take five days to complete and still end a draw will catch on in the US.

2. Other Sports Have Had a Headstart

The stellar success of the major sports in the US will always give them an advantage when it comes to drawing supporters to the games as well as drawing athletes to opt to participate in other more established pastimes.

3. The USA Is not Very Good at Soccer

When your nation is number one at the sports it enjoys most it is always going to be tough to try to garner excitement about a sport where they are average at best. Again the USA is far better at Soccer than it realistically should be given the relatively short amount of time that it has had a successful domestic league. The country should be proud of what it has achieved thus far but it will take quite some time for them to really be up with the big hitters but if/when they do then expect the sport to be taken far more seriously by the nation as a whole.

4. Not enough stoppages for advertising

Advertising is of course paramount in all countries and across all sports. It just so happens that the big sports in the US, Basketball, Baseball and American Football all have handy intervals that allow the maximizing of revenue from sponsors. Soccer does not cater for such possibilities quite so easily.

5. No full time buzzer

There is something very exact in nature about the way the big sports in the US come to a halt. Soccer can meander on at the referee’s discretion, something that can both confound and confuse even European Soccer fans. Personally I think a full time buzzer and countdown would benefit the sport.

6. Not Enough Cheerleaders

Again this is something I am all for introducing. Just as long as the Cheerleaders that are used are extremely attractive and are forced to wear as little clothing as possible, especially on those cold winter nights.

7. The love of other sports to great to allow another pastime to break into the big leagues.

There is simply not enough room in the American market for another big sport. This is perhaps the biggest reason against Soccer becoming a Major League success. In many ways it has more of a chance of making it as a niche pastime.

For this very same reason American Football and Baseball don’t get much of a look in in Europe.

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