Former Manchester United Man Calls Former Liverpool Man an Idiot: Steve Bruce Spot On in Stan Collymore Jibe

Sunderland boss hits nail on the head…repeatedly.

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The former Manchester United captain took aim at Collymore as he defended his controversial decision to make former Old Trafford team-mate David Beckham his man of the match in the midweek England game.
Bruce hit out at Collymore, who works for TalkSport, after the former Liverpool striker rubbished his decision to single out Beckham for praise following his cameo appearance as a substitute during the 3-0 defeat of Belarus at Wembley.

Bruce also told one of Collymore’s TalkSport colleagues that he would not grant him a post-match interview, despite the fact that the station has paid for full commentary rights for the Liverpool game, with the coverage led by the former Aston Villa player.
Bruce said. “It’s incredible – I have been known such a carry-on, I have to tell you. When I was in the stadium he came on to the pitch and, let’s be fair, for 50 minutes it was dull, boring and uninteresting.
“That’s the way I looked at it, but when David Beckham came onto the scene the whole stadium in unison rises to him and I thought blooming heck, wow, fantastic, now Dave what have you got?
“For me, for the 35-40 minutes he lit up Wembley with his attitude and that is why Fabio Capello keeps picking him for England to go into the squad to do something like that for him. Maybe he can’t do it for 90 minutes, however for me he had an impact.
“That is the way I called it, then I saw Mr Powell’s article calling it grotesque in the Mail and then I flicked over the page and his correspondent gave Peter Crouch man of the match nine, and David Beckham eight.
“Yet he was caning me for some grotesque insult to English football and then you get that other idiot, Stan Collymore, who I had to switch off on the radio on the way home. I had to say to the driver please turn him off that. It is totally embarrassing. He is one person that… don’t get me tied on that one.” (Daily Telegraph)

As a lifelong Liverpool fan I take no pleasure in admitting that I am fully 100% behind Steve Bruce on this one. Let’s forget about why he chose David Beckham as man of the match on Wednesday, personally I would have opted for Crouch but the LA Galaxy man wasn’t far behind, but his words on Stan Collymore are just spot on.

Whenever I am sadistic enough to read his ‘articles’ or stupid enough to turn on a radio at the inopportune time and I read/hear what that sad idiot has to say I am constantly pondering how he is given a platform by anyone to spout his idiotic bile. He has of course been taking badly aimed pot shots at Liverpool these past few weeks, and made a fool of himself in attacking our friends at The Spoiler, and now this.

Stan I would advise that you crawl back under the stone you emerged from after your disgusting woman battering and think long and hard about just how loathed a person you have become. So low has your star fallen that I fully expect you to be on a reality show of some description before too long.

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