Cristiano Ronaldo Tries to Insult Barcelona…Just Looks Stupid

CR9 fails with poor attempt at mind games.

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I Would Not Sign Any Barcelona Players For Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo
Barca may have several major stars, but none of them could play for Los Blancos, according to ‘CR9’…

Cristiano Ronaldo has sensationally claimed that he would not sign any Barcelona player for Real Madrid if he could hypothetically take anyone from the treble winners’ squad.

The Portuguese star believes that Los Merengues’ group could not be improved with the addition of any of the Blaugrana’s stars, including Lionel Messi.

Madrid spent around €250 million and are expected to compete for silverware with Barca, and Ronaldo is confident that they have the players to do just that.

“I am not scared of them at all and I am certain we are going to be fighting to try and beat them,” he told Cadena SER.

“We have got a great squad and I would not sign anyone from Barcelona.”

Ronaldo is recuperating from an ankle injury and is hoping to return against Milan in the Champions League next week. (

Ten out of ten for effort and perhaps 0 out of ten for not successfully convincing anyone that he actually believes what he says. Obviously as a Real Madrid man he has to show his utmost commitment to the team and when asked certain questions he is of course duty bound to attempt to claim that his team is in fact the ‘Dog’s Bo**ocks”, but the statement he has made is very hard to swallow.

Would he have us believe that the Bernabeu side couldn’t squeeze the likes of Leo Messi,Xavi or Andres Iniesta into their line-up? Would there not be room for a Thierry Henry? Given that their Catalan rivals have dropped just two points thus far in the La Liga and are sitting pretty at the top of the table I think it will take more than an off handed inaccurate remark from an injured Cristiano Ronaldo to shake their confidence!

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