Arsenal and Tottenham Bosses Trade Amusing Insults

Time to kiss and make up!

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur are 12 years behind the Gunners.
Despite making a strong start to the season, with Spurs winning their opening four league games, defeats to Manchester United (3-1), Chelsea (3-0) and Arsenal (3-0) have highlighted that the White Hart Lane side still have their work cut if they are to establish themselves at the top end of the Premier League table.
And after Tottenham striker Robbie Keane insisted before Saturday’s derby that Spurs were now on an even keel with their arch rivals, and possessed a stronger squad, Wenger has hit back.
“I don’t share that opinion. How do you measure the dimension of a club? Success. Exactly,”
“So if you look at success historically, they have a lot of work to do. We have been 12 consecutive years in the Champions League so once they have done that they can say, of course, that they are similar.
“They have the potential, the supporters, they are a big club. But what comes next is the consistency of achievement. At the moment nobody would deny that Arsenal is in front of them.” (Four Four Two)

“I think Arsenal are potential winners but personally I don’t think they will win it, that’s only my opinion,” (The Independent)

This is quite amusing. Harry Redknapp should be very happy about the way things are going at Tottenham at present, they are definitely heading in the right direction and their decidedly average performance at the Emirates was a blip brought on mainly by the fact that two of their most crucial players were out, Jermain Defoe and Aaron Lennon.

Arsene Wenger also has every reason to be happy about things at present, Arsenal are bang in form right now and are unbeaten in 11 games across all competitions. So in many ways both sides probably don’t have much to mock the other about right now.

I don’t think that Tottenham are 12 years behind their local rivals and I am sure that deep down Harry Redknapp probably means ill by stating that he doesn’t think that Arsenal will win the league, it just strikes me as one of those things that doesn’t really need to be said, even if he meant it as it only sounds a little churlish after losing the north London derby.

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