Disgusting: Barcelona Sink to New Low to Tempt Arsenal Skipper

Here we go again!

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Joie Leo MESSI

“I understand that Arsenal means a lot to Cesc.

“But there comes a point in your life when you have to think about winning the biggest prizes in football, and I think it has got to that point for him. He has given Arsenal great service, but he should be winning league titles and European Cups.

“I played for him with the youth team at Barcelona and you could tell he was a special player – he had great vision and passing range even then.” (Leo Messi – Various)

You have to admire Barcelona‘s persistence, and by admire I of course mean “hate them to the core”, the way they have attempted to unsettle our captain has been as relentless as it has been tedious and clearly must in some fashion break tapping up guidelines in some manner.

Previously other Barca players have decided to court Cesc Fabregas in interviews and the likes of Gerard Pique have been repeating the same mantra for ages but now impish attacker Leo Messi has decided to have his two pence worth.

Surely by stating in no uncertain terms that a player MUST leave his current club to join another when you are employed in some way by that club is ‘tapping up’. I do wonder why UEFA have stood by and done nothing as this continues to go on and it has gotten to the point that even if Pepe Guardiola was to buy a very large villa 100 yards from the Nou Camp and then dangled the keys in front of the massed media and then stated “Come and get it Cesc” even then no action would be taken.

Thankfully I am sure that Fabregas is so well versed with such speculation that I am confident that he will continue to pay little heed to these rather amateurish mind games.

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