Is Manchester United Lion Wayne Rooney Ready to Take England Captain Role?

Has Terry lost his edge as leader of the national team?

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World Cup Qualification: England Take A Step Closer

Several years ago ago i watched Chelsea‘s relentless march to the title driven, no spurred on, by a captain invincible in the strong frame of John Terry. Four seasons ago Chelsea were immense, John Terry was immense, outstanding by far the best defender in the league and possibly the most inspirational footballer at that time.

this was all pre england captaincy. you could just sense from his sheer presence at that time that it was his destiny , no his ambition to be england captain and i ask you now where has that inspiration figure gone to. is being england captain the summit of his ambition or is there something left in the tank for terry some burning desire to achieve something no englishman has achieved since 1966 in holding aloft jules rimmet proudly and triumphantly.

Now here I am in a debate with myself , the John Terry of four years ago is not the same man as he is today, perhaps family aspects have changed and mellowed him, altered his priorities, whatever the case may be the John Terry of four years ago the beast of a man that would have worn the three lions on his chest with pride is a far cry from the John Terry of today. For seasons he has been carried by Carvalho and his presence not missed when Alex has stepped in for him while injured. I will grant you he still makes telling interceptions and he is astill a top name defender, but i question is that fire still there in his belly or is it time to hand over the reigns of captaincy to englands new man of passion and heart in Wayne Rooney.

For me the answer is simple if anyone is to lead england to world cup glory then the man should be wayne rooney, no one else shows such a desire to win as the Manchester Utd player. His thirst and hunger for the game are a joy to behold and while he is still young he shows maturity well beynd his years for both manchester utd and england. he has been the driving force of the current qualifying campaign and while this world cup may have come just too soon for him to lead england to world cup glory, i also feel it has come just too late for John Terry.

So england are left a team in between two captains, one young and growing into the role that will be his and the other a fading star, whose legs are going and looks extremely vulnerable to the pace he will be exposed to at the World Cup. i am hoping, even as an irishman, an irishman that follows english football week in and week out that John Terry can rise to the big occasion and prove me wrong and rediscover his best form in time for the World Cup, especially considering a certain mr ferdinand has definately lost his.

An England with a rejuvenated gerrard combining closely with a devastastingly powerrful rooney is surely England s best chance of winning this World Cup, but a towering series of performances from John Terry would do england a world of good. I sincerely hope his form for Chelsea of several years ago and a timely return to his invincible self come in time for this World Cup

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