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Sports - September 25, 2007

Alberto Aquilani! Not for some time has a footballer produced quite so much heated debate whilst seemingly rarely getting the chance to prove his worth on the pitch whilst everyone and anyone chimes in on just why the former Roma man can’t appear to get himself into the Anfield first team picture.

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is a man I have stood up for many times on this website and I am beginning to run out of patience with the Spaniard and this latest travesty is frankly mind boggling. Now its true that Alberto was not involved at Fratton Park because of some sort of strain or other but whilst that may go some way to explaining that particular bit of confusion it doesn’t bring this issue to a head one iota.

You could, and probably should, question the logic of first spending £20m on a player with a long term injury and who is in fact very injury prone (his former Italian employers must have rubbed their hands in glee when we paid up the first installment of the fee) but for Rafa to then repeatedly ignore the Liverpool midfielder is quite possibly our gaffers most confusing bit of managerial insanity yet.

After making his debut cameo appearance away at Arsenal in the Carling Cup, over two and half months after we signed him, Aquilani has played a grand total of 40 minutes of Premier League football. 40 minutes! Why the hell did he buy Alberto?

The best case scenario with regards to this transfer is that Rafa has realised his mistake in buying a player who is going to be constantly struggling with fitness, but the worst case scenario is that having bought the Italian international, he now believes him to not be good enough. However if it was down to fitness then I would imagine him being placed on the subs bench week in, week out, would be a tad pointless.

We have just been overtaken in the Premier League by Birmingham so its not like AA (Alberto Aquilani) is struggling to displace a winning side. According to recent reports AA is not happy with the situation and even his dad has chimed in wondering why, as no doubt we all are, Liverpool signed his son in the first place.

If Rafa is axed and removed from his position as Liverpool boss, and lets face it that could well happen any day now, then a footnote to his time at the club could well be the farce that has surrounded the purchase of the Rome born talent. He was touted by Benitez as a replacement for Xabi Alonso, although not a direct like for like change but nonetheless added talent to put into our midfielder, so why the hell does he never select him?


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