Sepp Blatter’s Stance on Video Replays Confirms His Status as Village Idiot

COS Contributor Retryboy discusses the issue of Video Replays and the FIFA presidents rather short sighted view on a long running footballing debate.

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2002 FIFA World Cup

Sepp Blatter has re-iterated again that whilst he remains FIFA president video replays will not be used saying “Please do not insist on the technology, the day that the referee takes 2 captains aside to study monitors and see if something is inside the box or outside is the day the spectators will say no, we are not coming to the game.”

Every week we see big games won and lost by wrong decisions, the stakes are so high that players are prepared to do anything necessary to win for their club or country including taking a tumble. This is so widespread it has become a plague on the ‘beautiful game’ and poor decisions are accepted with a shrug of the shoulders. Blatter thinks that if we don’t have any contentious decisions there will be no talking points. Well maybe Mr Blatter we could talk about the quality of game, the skill on display instead of the man with the whistle.

We aren’t talking about scrutinising every decision or calling the captains over to watch monitors, that is just the swiss man painting a distorted picture that he feels will end the debate once and for all. In the time players take celebrating a goal or arguing over a penalty another official could have watched a replay from a few angles and when the referee asks the simple question “is there any obvious reason why I shouldn’t award the goal/penalty” he would have a response in seconds over the intercom, this is after all a day and age where we can record, pause and rewind live TV in our own living rooms I am certain the governing bodies with all of their resources could put something in place.

Would Henry have attempted his Michael Jordan basketball dribble if he knew the quick check would happen? Would never have happened and if it did he would have owned up to it before the ball hit the back of the net rather than face the embarrassment and card. Would players be tumbling if they knew they would be caught and booked? Again I think the answer is no.

The conspiracy theorists out there would go as far as to say that the reason for not introducing video replays is much more sinister involving match fixing or at least helping hands to the big name teams and countries. It certainly does seem that way sometimes. This may be going too far but at the very least it allows the fortunes of nations, the destiny of silverware, the careers of managers and players and whether a team is relegated in the hands of one man all too often these decisions are wrong.

One thing you can guarantee is when we tune in to match of the day tomorrow night one or more of the games will have been decided by an avoidable wrong decision.

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