Premier League Manager Caught Visiting Brothel: But Who Is It?

Like an X rated Guess Who game!

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The manager of a Premier League football club has reportedly been caught visiting a brothel.

The Sun newspaper claims that it approached the unnamed manager after he had spent an hour in a massage parlour on an industrial estate.

The manager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was said to have left the premises wearing training gear and an overcoat while talking on his mobile phone. Asked by the reporter if he knew that it was a brothel, he “smiled and replied ‘Yes'”.

The man, who was reportedly seen outside the brothel on a previous occasion in October, was then driven away. However, the car returned shortly afterwards without the manager and with a different driver, who entered the parlour for a brief period. The reporter then went inside and was told that a girl’s time would cost him £100 an hour or £70 for half an hour including sex.

If the story is true, it will almost certainly cost the manager his job and will leave his club open to ridicule. (Times Online)

So there you have it, we can’t say who we think it is on the grounds that we could get in trouble, but why don’t you discuss this amongst yourselves in the comment section and see who you think it might be! The Manager is a married man so that narrows it down a little.

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