Brothel Visiting Premier League Manager Named: Well Sort Of!

Will the guilty party please put us all out of our misery!

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It seems that somehow the identity of the brothel visiting Premier League manager has somehow remained a secret but it does appear some managers are emerging as front runners in the sleaze race and the name mentioned most often in chatrooms and other hugely scientific places, appears to be a certain Avram Grant (although we are not stating that this means he is the guilty party).

The Portsmouth boss appears to have a lot on his plate right now trying to keep the south coast side above the perforated Premier League relegation zone and may well have felt some relaxing time at a brothel was the best place to rid himself of tension and given the financial mess the club is in right now who could blame him!

Oh yes, there is now some worrying news that a sex tape may well see the light of day and if such a thing ever finds itself on the web and does indeed involve the frog like looking manager, or indeed any of the other 19 Premier League managers. So if indeed the Premier League manager was named and shamed it could be any of these men. Arsene Wenger, Martin O’Neill, Alex McLeish, Sam Allardyce, Gary Megson (now sacked but a Premier League boss when the s**t hit the fan), Owen Coyle, Carlo Ancelotti, David Moyes, Roy Hodgson, Phil Brown, Mark Hughes (also a Premier League boss when this whole thing went off), Sir Alex Ferguson, Avram Grant, Tony Pulis, Steve Bruce, Harry Redknapp, Gianfranco Zola, Roberto Martinez and Mick McCarthy.

The excellent Dirty Tackle also unearthed some comments made on websites claiming to prove the identity of the man in question.

From Talkforum:

“As much as I hate the skates im not making this up, I live in Fair Oak down the road from Horton Heath everyone round here knows its a asian brothel/massage parlor and rumors went round saying Avram had visited the place months ago. When I saw the headline this morning I knew exactly what it was about”

From the forum:

“Its Avram Grant.
I live in a village just outside Southampton and a few months ago rumors were going round that Avram Grant was visiting a brothel which is on a industrial estate just up the road.”

And those commenters are right that the brothel in question is in Horton Heath. the Daily Mail published a picture of the place — which happens to be minutes from Portsmouth’s training ground — without identifying the location, which you can quickly cross-reference by the van for sale in a picture on the Horton Heath Van Centre website.

As if that wasn’t enough evidence right there, we also have the line that briefly appeared on Avram Grant’s Wikipedia page the day after the Sun article was published, which read:

Grant is known to be a good customer at a number of Southampton brothels. He has been quoted saying that this is how he likes to “unwind” after a build up of fatigue.

Does anyone out there no more on this matter? Do you have some PROOF that would help unearth the truth? Or do you just want to spread some more malicious chatter, if so use the comment section below and then step well back!

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